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MSA Brochure showing different pictures: two hands being held; blind child walking across the playground bridge; tatehall in the winter, dow hall memorial, playground drums being played by student's hands, etc
picture showing MSAB building in the background in the summer with the MSAB Sign up front
Ariel photo of the MSAD Academy in the fall season and in the late afternoon with the sun coming from behind.
ariel photo of tate hall and the new tennis courts in the fall season with the sunlight hitting at an angle
A view of the Tate Hall steeple, white- through trees.
A picture of the Tatehall pillars close-up, mid-day.
Panoramic picture in the spring of TateHall from the view of Smith Hall.
Brochure of Hands holding, student on the playground, MSA Shield, winter picture of TateHall, Down Hall Memorial in the spring, students playing on playground drums at MSAB.
MSA empowers every student to achieve, care, and thrive in an ever-changing world. 

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