MSAD Hallway Names

Last Updated: 10/23/2019 1:31 PM

MSAD Names Hallways After Distinguished Alumni and Staff

A few years ago, a group of MSAD staff and alumni, led by Michele Heise, proposed honoring our distinguished alumni and staff members by naming various hallways after them.  This would serve as an educational tool not only for our students, but also for our parents and visitors.  

Through community surveys and feedback, the group eventually decided on 8 individuals, with more to be added in the future.  

The criteria for selection is as follows:

  • former elected or appointed state government official

  • former member of MSA Board or Site Councils

  • former employee

  • graduate or former student of MSAD

  • all of the above must have made a significant contribution to MSA or achieved distinction in scholarship, leadership, education, creative arts, or public service, and 

  • must not have another area/road/building already named after them.


2019 Hallways


Cadwallader Washburn, Class of 1884: Washburn Circle, Noyes Hall 1st Floor Circle

Douglas Burke, Class of 1950: Burke Circle, Noyes Hall 2nd Floor Circle

Donald Padden, Class of 1940: Padden Way, Lauritsen Gymnasium

Cora Howe, Class of 1870: Cora Howe Conference Room, Tate Hall

John Mathews, Class of 1950: Mathews Boulevard, Smith Hall High School Wing

Gerald "Bummy" Burstein, teacher, 1950-1965: Burnstein Street, Quinn Hall Upper Elementary Wing

Vera Gammon, Class of 1919: Vera Gammon Conference Room, Smith Hall

Edith Vandegrift, Class of 1893: Vandegrift Boulevard, Quinn Hall Lower Elementary Wing


More information on each individual can be found in the PDF file below.