High School Program

MSAD's high school program consists of grades 9th-12th and is located in Smith Hall.  Our core curriculum is in alignment with Minnesota State Standards. We have adopted textbooks that follow these standards as well as use differentiated instructional practices and modifications to meet the needs of our students. We offer a bilingual (American Sign Language and English) approach to teaching. A visual, hands-on approach to education, classrooms full of active learning, and both large and small group settings for instruction all make MSAD high school classrooms exciting places to learn and prepare for life.

Our Core Academic Curriculum:

  • Math: The mathematics progression is Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra-II, and Pre-Calculus courses which primarily follow Glencoe math texts. Remedial and life-skills math are offered as well.  All students are required to take one year of Consumer Education which is a balance between math and economics with many real-life applications.
  • Science: We teach science courses in Earth Science and Biology using Holt Science books as well as lab experiences and offer science electives such as Chemistry, Forensics and Physics depending on the needs/interests of our students.
  • Language Arts: Our reading and writing programs follow the McDougal Littell “Literature” and “Bridges” series with supplemental novels/texts. Students are required to have a language arts course each semester in high school where we focus on need-based skills as well as general state-wide core curriculum. 
  • Social Studies: A total of three and a half years of social studies credits are required and are made up of World History, 20th Century History, Government, and Geography. Electives in the social studies area include Psychology, Sociology, Current Events, World Issues, and others on demand as appropriate.
  • Electives:
    • Fine Arts courses include Art Culture, Digital Media, 2D-3D Art, and Theater Arts
    •  All students are required to take Deaf Studies to establish a better sense of their cultural history and to understand whatever current issues the Deaf community is facing.   
    • Career and Technical Education include Broadcasting, Computer Applications, Digital Illustration and Film Production.
    • Additional courses and electives in the high school include Physical Education, Foods, Work-Study, Transition Skills, Study Skills, Communications courses, Web Design and Health as well as others that are determined based on student need and interest. 
  • There are other learning opportunities that are more life-skills based for students needing higher levels of real life applications. Those courses are designed to meet IEP needs and help students progress to their fullest potential and beyond! The Nest Program is one example of this kind of programming.


The Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf has a co-op relationship with Faribault Public School. If a student would like to take classes at Middle School, MSAD will coordinate schedules, interpreters, transportation, and accommodations. The ability to take classes at both MSAD and Faribault Public Schools is a worthwhile experience for many of out students. 

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