1866 Treasurer Report

Last Updated: 3/1/2021 2:29 PM

Our school has records dating back to the 1860s! In the very beginning, it was a school for both students who are blind and students who are deaf.

There are 3 thick books in our museum, and they have official reports that tell all about the school and its students. They also tell about the people working at the school, and about the money that was spent each year. Here are ten random facts from the 1866 Treasurer’s Report, given to the school’s board of directors:

10. The school bought 3,308 pounds of flour for the year, at a cost of $99.04.

9. The school bought 1,873 pounds of beef at $112.38 for the year.

8. The school went through 52 pounds of lard that year ($10.43).

7. They bought 5 pounds of salt ($1.55).

6. The school purchased 5 wood stoves, for a total of $99.00.

5. They paid $298.00 for almost 100 cords of firewood. That is a lot of firewood.

4. They spent $21.05 on hay for the year.

3. The Superintendent earned a salary of $1,000.00.

2. The Nurse for the Sick… earned $52.00 for the year.

1. And… the washerwoman was paid $13.25 for her work in 1866.

Things have definitely changed over the past 154 years!


Historic barn



Image description: Photo of the barn that used to be on the MSAB campus. It has a large double door in front, and a double door on the right. The roofline peaks to create a triangular shape.










Barn, at a distance.




Image description: The same barn, photo taken about 1917. It is pictured at more of a distance in the winter, with snow on the ground and surrounding trees.