Human Resources

The Human Resources department at the Minnesota State Academies is responsible for managing the hiring process of new employees; supporting employees with benefits and staff development, including professional licenses; maintaining training and certification updates; and ensuring compliance with state statutes, union contracts, and other employment considerations for the agency.  

To apply for job vacancies, visit the official site for State of Minnesota government careers web page to view all jobs and to apply on-line. After creating an on-line account, you may copy and paste an existing resume or let the software create a resume for you. After you've completed your on-line resume, apply directly to the job posting by clicking the "Apply for This Job" box at the bottom of the job posting.


Policies are the formal guidelines established by the Minnesota State Academies Governing Board to ensure that the Minnesota State Academies Schools responds to its mission and operates in an effective, efficient, and consistent manner. Policies define the desire and intent of the Governing Board.

The Governing Board has the jurisdiction to legislate policy for the Minnesota State Academies with the force and effect of law. Governing board policy provides the general direction as to what the Governing Board wishes to accomplish while delegating implementation of policy to the administration.

The policies described here are not conditions of employment, and the language is not intended to create a contract between the Minnesota State Academies and its employees.

Reviewer: Superintendent
Date Originated: 12.17.2015
Board Approved: 01.12.2016