Interpreting Services

Overview of Interpreting Services

The interpreting department at MSA consists of seven nationally-certified interpreters who serve in a variety of roles on campus. They generally work 8:00-4:15, but may work extra hours in the evening, depending on our campus needs. Our group is very diverse: we stem from four different Interpreting Training Programs; our experiences range from recent graduates to experienced interpreters with 20+ years in the field; and we also have several interpreters with Deaf family members.  We feel very fortunate, not only because of the opportunities we have, but also the support we provide for each other daily.

Two of our staff interpreters are primarily assigned to on-campus assignments, These needs can include, but are not limited to, MSAD field trips off-campus, meetings with the superintendent, technology committee meetings, or un-captioned Youtube clips in the high school classroom. Some assignments are ongoing, while others occur as the need arises.

The remaining five interpreters primarily cover interpreting for MSAD students taking classes at Faribault Public Schools. Many of our students take one or two classes, so each interpreter works with several different students in a variety of grade levels each day.  While students attend classes, our interpreters support teachers in ensuring that fluid and fully-accessible communication happens in the classroom.  We are fortunate as the collaboration between MSAD and FPS was established well over 30 years ago, so many FPS teachers are familiar with working with interpreters and Deaf students.

The entire department also covers requests at the end of the school day and after-hours. IEP meetings often occur at the end of the day, as well as all-staff meetings or staff trainings. Some students participate in co-op sports with the other high schools in Faribault, and MSAD interpreters attend practices with those students. Additionally, other needs may arise, such as basketball tournaments or board meetings, that happen after school hours.