Superintendent Update October 2020 Transcript

Last Updated: 10/20/2020 6:38 PM

(Video begins with a maroon slide. Two talking cartoon bubbles appear. One displays the MSA logo, and the other has the words "Minnesota State Academies." The main title states "Superintendent Update, October 2020.")


(Cut to Terry Wilding, MSA Superintendent. He is seated behind his desk in his office in Tate Hall, on the MSAD campus. He is wearing a tie and vest.)


Terry: Hello everyone. I just wanted to make a quick announcement and some great news that we just received.

We just found out that the legislature passed a bonding bill, which included money for our academies. We are very excited to share this news.

First, we received five million eight hundred and thirty thousand dollars -- 5.8 -- for the safety corridor. We will start planning
to combine Smith, Noyes, and Quinn hall in a connection.


We also received 3.1 for asset preservation -- different projects to make sure that our academies are safe and accessible, and maintain our buildings and campuses. We will have different projects, and we will continue planning for that.

We wanted to share that great news for you. We will look forward to planning with some committees very soon. Have a great week.


(Video fades to a maroon slide with the MSA logo. Video fades to black.)