Superintendent Update September 2021 Transcript

Last Updated: 9/21/2021 5:46 PM

(Video opens with a yellow school bus moving past a maroon slide the MSA logo and white text. The text states: Back to School Superintendent Update. Video then transitions to Superintendent Wilding standing outdoors in front of Noyes Hall. Behind him is a light post displaying a banner with the MSA logo, an image of two students standing in front of a school bus, and the words "Achieve - Care - Thrive.")

Terry: Hello everyone. Welcome to a new school year. We are excited to have students back on campus and various school activities starting up again. Of course, we do have some limitations based on some COVID requirements and restrictions, but we are excited to see things start happening on campus once again.

I am Terry Wilding, superintendent of MSA.  I will be putting out my monthly videos once again to share some updates with you all.  

First of all, in the month of September, we have some different activities going on, including homecoming. Historically, the deaf school has celebrated homecoming with a spirit week. This year, the blind school will have its first ever homecoming spirit week. Both schools have plans for different activities and games for our students and families to enjoy. We do hope to see you there.  

(Video shifts to a different angle.  Behind Terry, Noyes and Smith Halls are visible in the background.)

Terry: As you know, summer is always a busy time here at MSA with different projects happening. I will highlight some projects that began this summer. 

First of all, an update on our safety and security connection. I'm sure most of you are aware that we did receive some funding from the legislature last year to develop some designs and plans for a new safety and security connection between three buildings on the deaf school campus: Noyes Hall, Quinn Hall, and Smith Hall will all be connected with a central access point. And we are in that planning and design phase now. I will be sharing more information on that soon.

We've also completed various projects on campus with safety and access to really improve our traffic flow, especially during those drop off and pick up times in the morning and afternoon. We are working on improving our general security by upgrading our key system and our key card system, making sure that all of our buildings are more secure.  

We are also setting up new wireless access points on both campuses to make sure that we do have better internet access and a better connection for our students and their new devices. We recently purchased some new iPads as well as Dell two-in-one laptops for our students, so we are getting that new wireless connection set and it should be finished soon.

Another example of a project we started this summer -- you may notice the banners on our light posts throughout campus. If you do drive through the campus, you will see different banners highlighting school spirit as well as school themes on the light posts here as you can see behind me.

(Video pans upward to show the banner in full. The Noyes Hall auditorium dome can be seen in the background. Video then transitions to a close up of Terry in front of Noyes Hall.)

Lastly, I wanted to share the theme that we have come up with this year. We call it the three R's: Reconnect, Reaffirm, and Revive. Through this COVID pandemic we have seen some changes -- people working from home, learning from home. Now we are all back and hopefully feeling closer to normal. And we want to see those connections again. We want to make sure our programs our policies and our procedures are all set and ready to go.

Some projects that were on hold are restarting, and you will see lots of information coming soon from our site councils, our strategic planning committee, as well as our directors with different ideas and projects that you can be included in as well. If you are interested, you can contact our site council chairs, Lance Gonzalez or David Tanner. Let them know your interest and you can also be a part of our strategic planning. Our goal this year is to really get back on track and meet those strategic planning goals. We hope to see you soon.

(Video transitions to a maroon slide displaying the MSA logo.)