Legislative Activities

2019 Legislature

This year's legislative session is a busy one for Minnesota State Academies, as there are several proposals that affect us. Below is a list of current bonding requests and budget proposals, as well as bills that impact MSA. Come back often to check for updates as the 2019 legislative session proceeds. 


We need your support! Contact your local representatives/senators to let them know you support our bills and budget/bonding requests.


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Bills Impacting MSA:


HF134/SF492: The placement of MSAD and MSAB signs on Interstate Highway 35.  Establishing these signs will help lead visitors to our campuses. In addition, hundreds of thousands of travelers passing through Faribault daily will become aware of our schools. 


Update on bill progress:

Link to House Bill 134

Link to Senate Bill 492



HF787/SF776: Funding for the establishment of a Blind/Visually Impaired teacher preparation program.  Currently, there is no BVI teacher preparation program in Minnesota that will prepare our teachers in obtaining a BVI teacher license.  Many BVI-licensed teachers will be retiring over the next few years, so there is a need to establish a pool of licensed BVI teachers to educate our blind and visually impaired students.


Update on bill progress:

Link to House Bill 787

Link to Senate Bill 776



HF2213/SF2140: Minnesota State Academies rental income proceeds deposit modified. From time to time, MSA rents out its facilities to various groups and organizations.  This bill would allow proceeds of this rental income to go towards MSA's staff development purposes. 


Update on bill progress:

Link to House Bill 2213

Link to Senate Bill 2140


MSA Bonding Requests:


MSAD Security Corridor, HF2416/SF2459: This will allow MSA to build an enclosed security corridor that will connect three of MSAD's educational buildings: Noyes Hall, Smith Hall and Quinn Hall.  This will allow for a single, controlled and monitored entry for the safety of our students. This will serve as the main entrance for all parents, visitors and others (such as delivery people). Restroom facilities will be provided for guests and visitors.  The security corridor will protect our students from inclement weather when they travel between buildings on a daily basis.  In addition, this will help bring our facilities up to current standards and accessibility expectations and provide for upgrades to our interior spaces, classrooms, science and technology labs as well as other needs. 


Update on bill progress:

Link to House Bill 2416

Link to Senate Bill 2459


Asset Preservation Funds, HF2418/SF2458: This funding will help maintain and preserve our buildings. We have a total of 14 buildings on both campuses, and several are more than 80 years old.  We have a long list of repair and maintenance needs for both campuses. The AP funds will be used in ensuring the safety, accessibility and full use of our facilities and  that we are adhering to current standards, regulations and codes in regards with ADA accessibility. 


Update on bill progress:

Link to House Bill 2418

Link to Senate Bill 2458


MSAB Dormitories, HF2417/SF2460: This funding will be used in renovating and repairing three dormitory wings on the MSAB campus.  All three dormitory wings (Brandeen, Rode, and Kramer Halls) were built in the early 1980s and do not fully comply with current ADA standards, especially for our blind/visually impaired students.  Our HVAC system is aging, starting to deteriorate and does not adequately heat or cool the building.  Replacing the HVAC system with a modern and efficient model will also save us energy and reduce our ongoing maintenance costs.  In addition, funds will be used in the implementation of an accessible mass communications system that will meet the unique needs of our students and staff in emergencies, and provide critical instructions to get to safety. 


Update on bill progress:

Link to House Bill 2417

Link to Senate Bill 2460


MSA Proposed Budget, HF2207/SF2347:


Operating Adjustments: Funds will cover compensation and benefits increases for staff, and provide for an additional bus to transport our students to school functions and activities.


Enhancing Services: Funds will cover renovations and repairs for existing facilities, add four extra school days (to support accommodations and additional instructional time for our students to meet IEP requirements) and the addition of one more staff position to meet our IEP obligations.


Technology Initiative: Funds will include: continued funding of the Student Information Systems staff position; implement an accessible mass communications systems; establish fiber optic connectivity between both campuses; update, replace and purchase additional technology equipment to meet student instructional needs; and miscellaneous purchases to support our curriculum/educational programming needs. 


Update on bill progress:

Link to House Bill 2207

Link to Senate Bill 2347