Love for All

Faribault Mural by Artist Jordyn Brennan Last Updated: 6/15/2021 7:16 PM



English Transcript: 

[Video opens with a male standing in front of the Faribault "Love for All" mural.  A title appears on the bottom of the screen: Terry Wilding, MSA Superintendent.]

Superintendent Wilding: Thanks go to mural artist Jordyn Brennan for reaching out to us to collaborate on this project. Our students and staff were able to help with this project by doing this ASL video and audio description for the mural. Enjoy this video.

[Video transitions to a montage of members from the Faribault Deaf community and students from the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf, each signing one line from artist Jordyn Brennan's description.]

Signer 1: This mural brings together all members of the Faribault community.

Signer 2: Rich with history, the vibrant colors match the vibrant community of Faribault. 

Signer 3: The flowers not only bring in a pop of color but they also represent the growth and beauty of this community. 

Signer 4: The use of hands represent the American Sign Language (ASL) alphabet spelling out the word “love.” 

Signer 5: The word love was chosen because at the end of the day, love is the one thing we all need more than anything. 

Signer 6: Loving each other despite our differences is what makes for a strong community. 

Signer 7: When everything else in the world seems in disarray; loving ourselves, our family, friends, strangers, and our neighbors is the one thing we can control. 

Signer 8: This mural is a reminder to spread love to all. 

Signer 9: This mural will have the ability to not only be seen, but also be touched and heard. 

Signer 10: There will be a QR code to access an ASL video description, as well as braille plaques on the mural itself.

Signer 11: My goal for this mural is not only to be aesthetically pleasing, but also to be accessible to all walks of life. 
Signer 12: I want this mural to bring awareness to the many ways of communicating.   


Audio Description of the Mural (as described by a student from the Minnesota State Academy for the Blind)

Spanish Description 

Somali Description (coming soon)