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Standing Committees

MSA Governing Board Standing Committees 2022-2023

To serve the students, community and greater Minnesota, the Board is permitted to designate standing committees to conduct preparatory work on key matters that will likely be considered by the Board as a whole. Each Committee may be comprised of members of the Board, district staff, and key stakeholders. The Board Chair appoints Committee chairs and members after the Board's annual meeting. 

Executive Committee

Members: Chair Katie Wangberg, Vice Chair Jamers Speier, Officer of Business Affairs Gbenga Ogungbe, Superintendent Terry Wilding

Personnel Committee 

Members: Chair Appointed 1 Katie Wangberg (Committee Chair), Chair Appointed 2 Nicole Halabi, Chair Appointed 3 Jessica Eggert, Human Resources Director Bridget Flier, Superintendent Terry Wilding

Ex-Officio: MSAB Director John Davis, MSAD Directors Jody Olson and Ryan Johnson MSA Director of Student Support Services Brittany Thomforde (and two teacher representatives for calendar planning)

Finance Committee

Members: Officer of Business Affairs Gbenga Ogungbe (Committee Chair), MSA Director of Fiscal Services Amber Miller, MSA Superintendent Terry Wilding, MSA Director of Student Support Services Brittany Thomforde, 2nd Board Member of the General Public with Business, Administrative or Financial Expertise Jamers Speier, MSAB Director John Davis

Policy Committee

Members: MSA Superintendent Terry Wilding (Committee Chair), MSA Human Resource Director Bridget Flier, Chair Appointed 1 Jamers Speier, Chair Appointed 2 Mary Cashman-Bakken, MSAD Director Jody Olson, MSA Curriculum and Educational Programs Director Anne Grace Donatucci, MSAB Paraprofessional Supervisor Sarah Allen

Site Councils

Link to MSAB Site Council

Link to MSAD Site Council