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ANNOUNCEMENT: School Closure Due to Weather

Minnesota State Academies will be closing after school today for the remainder of this week (January 28 - February 1).
Message from Superintendent Wilding:
After reviewing information from our weather sources, surrounding school districts, and administrators, we've made the decision to close our campuses for the remainder of the week. Safety of our students and staff is of utmost importance and we are expecting severe weather this week with sub-zero windchill temperatures expected throughout Thursday. Also, less than 20% of our students will be able to come to school this week so the decision was made to close school instead of attempting to have classes with so few students in attendance.
Parents/Families/Students - we are reaching out to school districts to arrange transportation for your residential students home this afternoon/evening or early tomorrow. Your school district transportation will be in touch with you regarding specifics.
We will re-open on Sunday with regular transportation and dorm schedules.
Thank you - please stay warm and safe this week. Let me know if you have any questions/concerns.
Superintendent Wilding