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Supt. Corner Transcripts » January 2019 Transcript

January 2019 Transcript


Hello, everyone. I'm Terry Wilding and I'm here in Wilkins Hall sitting next to this warm fire. I want to give you an update for the month of December. It was nice to see so many of you at our

holiday program performances, and I hope that you all enjoyed yourselves too. I want to give you an update about things that have been happening so far.

We've submitted our World's Best Workforce report, which is an annual report on school progress and goals for the year. We had two community meetings during this month, and we will have our Site Councils review the report this week and then from there, it will go to the Board for approval to set our goals for the year.

We've also been working on our school calendar for the next school year. We've already sent out a survey and thanks to those who participated in that. We'll take that feedback and look at the best possible format and dates. We'll send it out again for final review in the middle of January to get your feedback before we finalize the schedule for next year.

We're also working on a new logo. I think most of you may have already seen the three possible drafts and again, thanks to those who have sent in feedback and ideas on how to improve the logo. We'll be working with our designer to make the modifications to come up with a new updated logo. We'll send it out again for final review before the board makes the final decision on which logo will be selected for our program.

In other news, our Companion has been around for 142 years.It's the MSAD newsletter. It's been sent out monthly or quarterly. It includes news and information about our school and we've decided to add on the flip side MSAB Chronicles, which will be informational news from the blind school side as well. We've just sent out our first issue - hopefully, you've received it by now - which also includes an online version or paper copy if you'd like. Please share any thoughts or feedback that you might have, and if you have ideas for topics or articles or pictures you'd like to see included, please do let us know.

Now of course it's 2019 and most people have set New Year's resolutions and MSA has New Year's resolutions as well. Our goal is to really get moving with our strategic plan. We've developed the plan and now we need to set those action steps in motion and finish some of the action steps. You will be getting updates from us periodically throughout the year. Hopefully you'll have a great year and happy New Year to all.