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Supt. Corner Transcripts » June 2019 Transcript

June 2019 Transcript

   Hello everyone,Terry Wilding here with the June video.There's a few short updates that I'd like to share. As you can see I'm outside and summer has arrived! Last week, we completed graduation, the award ceremonies and wrapped up the school year. Our students have gone home for vacation and they'll come back maybe for summer school or other events on campus.
   Summer does not mean that we are done with work. There are different projects, planning and development to get ready for the next school year. The month of June, there is not much occurring on campus. We are busy planning and working for the next school year.
   There are two events or programs that are happening on campus. One is Pathways To Life; it's our new program with transition, which we partnered with MDE, VR, and MDS. It is a transition program for juniors and seniors that will be hosted here the last two weeks of June. There are 13 students plus staff that will be around campus.
   We also have our annual summer school program both at MSAB and MSAD. We have about a hundred students at the deaf school and about sixty-five students at the blind school. They are from other programs throughout the state of Minnesota. It's great for our students to interact with other students from across the state.
   I've been receiving emails curious about our last legislative session. It was a challenging one this year. There were many discussions about how the funding of programs throughout the state. As the session came to a close in the end the legislature gave us a final budget in special session. We did have several bills that impact us.
   The first one is we will finally receive an I-35 corridor sign explaining to people where we are on campus. It will be in both directions and our signs will be installed so people know where we are. That will occur soon; the Department of Transportation will schedule and install those signs very soon.
   Second is our budget we requested. Different projects, programs, and money to increase our base budget. The legislature had limited funds to work with, which they did give us a five-hundred and fifteen thousand dollar increase. It is a nice increase but still leaves us with some challenges for our needs. With programs becoming more expensive that will not fulfill all of our needs. The Board of Directors and supervisors are taking a look at the projects in different areas and programs to figure out how we can reduce and balance our budget.
   We also requested money for construction. In the end there was no bonding bill that was passed this year so we will try again next year. We are currently working on the budget. Developing and taking a look at line items with the board; we will have a
decision made on the June 27th board meeting. I will announce more in the next month's video.
   I hope you all have a wonderful summer and enjoy your time with your families. We will see you again soon, periodically through the summer, or next fall. Have a great summer!