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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate, create opportunities and motivate students for an independent future.

Vision Statement

The Minnesota State Academies exist to provide an accessible, standards-based education for students who are blind and/or deaf, including those with additional disabilities for success in an ever-changing world.

Belief Statements

The following list of belief statements represent the work of the State Academies Board after receiving input from department heads, MSAB Site Council, MSAD Site Council and other interested stakeholders. These statements will guide planning and decision-making for the Academies through a Strategic Development process.

1. Learning is a lifelong process and students must become independent, active learners.

2. Students with a variety of learning styles require a variety of teaching techniques and resources

3. Children must learn to live in an interdependent community with sensitivity to the rights of others.

4. Education develops individuals prepared for the worlds of work, citizenship, and family in their communities, country, and the global village.

5. Effective planning and communication, along with systematic evaluation and sufficient financial support, are essential ingredients for quality education.

6. High expectations for all students must be maintained.

7. Providing for educational needs and opportunities is a shared responsibility of the school, home, and community.

8. The learning needs of all students must be the primary focus of all decisions made by the Academies.

9. Each student, when given opportunities to participate in social activities, will develop social skills, self-esteem and self-advocacy.

10. The Academies must meet the special education needs of culturally diverse students with various abilities and challenges.

11. The Academies have an obligation to provide the students and staff a safe, orderly, attractive, comfortable campus with a flexible program that includes dormitory life focused on a caring, home-like setting.

Operational Policies

The Minnesota State Academies will be guided by the following operational policies:

  • Utilize the Strategic Plan to achieve the Vision for the Academies.
  • Utilize participatory decision-making.
  • Take steps to guarantee quality control in learning.
  • Align site-based decisions with the Strategic Plan and Mission.
  • Retain present programs that demonstrate effectiveness, align with the Strategic Plan, and move the Academies toward its Mission.
  • Implement a new program if it is consistent with the Strategic Plan, benefits are clear, and there is an opportunity for staff development and evaluation of the program.
  • Consider and prioritize the needs of each Academy in terms of fulfilling goals in the Strategic Plan.
  • Allocate resources, and use them efficiently, to support implementation of the Strategic Plan.
  • Direct all communications to the appropriate points of responsibility.
  • Employees, at all levels, will give timely responses to all stakeholders regarding inquiries, decisions, and requests.