18-21 Transition Program


This program provides students to further prepare students in the four critical areas: academics, career readiness, independence, and community.  These areas support students with the transition from high school into self-sustaining adults: 


  • College readiness support

  • Career/Technical Education

  • Essential Skills - reading, writing, math, and technology

  • Test Taking and study skills

Career Readiness and Work Experience:

  • Job site visits and shadowing

  • Internship possibilities (supported/independent)

  • Developing work-based learning opportunities

Independence and Living Skills:

  • On-campus apartments equipped with kitchens

  • Personal finance and budgeting, including grocery shopping and decision making

  • Self-advocacy training

  • Increasing student involvement in the IEP process

Community Involvement:

  • Seeking a variety of volunteering opportunities

  • Establishing authentic interactions for incidental learning

  • Developing a “sense of belonging” to support personal identity development